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link building

link building

Just having good keywords and a well coded site is not enough. You need to make sure that search engines see that your site is important, which means earning links to your site from other websites, especially ones which are of a similar category and appropriate media.


Trace Backlinks - We will analyse your main competitors to find out who links to them. Often sites that link to your competitors will link to you, and getting your links placed in these places will help greatly to improve your visibility.

Managed Outreach (journalists & bloggers) - The links generated must be from credible sources, and relevant sources to be effective. Having links from the wrong places can actually harm your sites ranking.  We will constructively build relationships with other journalists and bloggers to build and earn links to your site with relevant content and media.


Researched Keywords - We will take the keywords from our research and use these to generate contextual links to your site in relevant places. This helps search engines to know what your site is about. We use only ethical methods of search optimisation which do not risk getting you black listed from search engines. Some companies who provide link buiding services may offer quick fix schemes but these may run the risk of your site getting black listed, and often as soon as you stop paying the premium all the links to your site will disappear, along with your ranking.


Permanent Links - The methods of link building we use create permanent relevant links into your site, which will stay regardless of whether you continue in the long term with us or decide to start managing things yourself later. By using our link building services you will be laying a solid foundation and then building on it rather than using some other quick fix scheme.



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