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1st of October 2014
Five Significant Messages For The Future Of Link Building | Go Mungo SEO

Links are still considered as the strongest signals that we can give to Google and other search engines about the importance of our content and site. With Google’s war on spam links and key messages taken from various conferences I've attended, I have a few significant messages that should be addressed within SEO. These messages are as under:

  • Links are still the central part of Google’s search algorithm.
  • Link building and content marketing are different from each other fundamentally.
  • Content marketing is not easy to do in the right way.
  • Link building can boost your Content Marketing efforts.
  • You can build links even if you don’t have great content.

Links are still the central part of Google’s search algorithm: Links are extremely powerful but we all are aware of the Google’s recent clampdown on link building activities. We need to make sure that our link building strategies are effective, safe and for long term.  This clampdown has led most of the SEO professionals to search for new ways to create powerful and safe links. This has led several people toward Content Marketing, with links as a primary concern.

Link building and content marketing are different from each other fundamentally: There are many people right now, who think that content marketing is the new way for link building and have titled it as “link earning” or “link acquisition”.


But, the truth is that content marketing is neither link building nor even SEO. There is no surety that your content will be visible in search or in fact creating more content will guarantee your site becomes more visible in search.


Both Content Marketing and link building (SEO) are different from each other. Content Marketing is about creating powerful and valuable content that is worth sharing, and link buidling (SEO) is about creating search visibility.  

While creating the content, your primary concern should be providing valuable content and engaging with your target audience. Sounds easy, but it’s not.

Content marketing is difficult to do in the right way: Valuable Content creation requires:

  • Industry experts
  • Editors
  • Designers
  • Writers
  • Technical staff

Content Marketing needs the support of people with diverse skills. Without any investment to ensure that the content remains valuable, unique and engaging, you are simply wasting your time, money and other resources. Thinking that a single person can create a valuable and engaging content is wrong, he/she will just create a draft which is not at all beneficial.

Link building can boost your Content Marketing efforts: SEO should be done on every content Marketing campaign. Creating a valuable or amazing content is not enough; you still have to market it. SEO can help to increase the visibility of the content.


Below I have mentioned the advanced link building strategies according to the latest Google updates: -

  • Find Relevant websites for Linking
  • Links from quality content based Websites
  • Build links on Long tail Keywords instead of exact anchor text linking.
  • Brand Name and Homepage URL Promotion
  • Social Sharing of informative relevant articles.
  • Participate in on-topic Question and Answer websites.

If you are investing in content, then it is important to invest in visibility also. Without intelligent content marketing you are leaving the precious opportunities on the table. A good SEO can boost your content marketing efforts.


You can build links even if you don’t have great content: It is not important that for building links, you need to do the content marketing. Yes it is true that both content marketing and link building can do wonders or act as a flywheel but content marketing doesn’t make sense for all. There is no single size that fits all internet marketing solutions.


You can build the links using:     

  • Contests
  • Local links
  • Reviews
  • Community engagement
  • HARO
  • Fresh Mentions

Summary: Appropriate and effective link building has always been an innovative and powerful attempt at demanding added value. Content, therefore is not the only method of adding value to the internet.

Written by Sam Jones

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