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Alex Mungo Founder Of Go Mungo SEO

Alex Mungo


The company was formed in September 2008 by Alex Mungo primarily as a web development company. However, it was only when Alex was asked to do his first SEO job that he became hooked, and changed course to transform Go Mungo into the SEO company it is today.

"It is getting the balance just right between expertise, authority and trustworthiness that truly adds value to the bottom line and credibility of your digital marketing campaign that is our expertise" says Alex

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laura ginn website content writer

Laura Ginn

Website Content Writer

Laura offers up her services as a freelance writer. She has been writing professionally for over six years specialising in digital marketing and social media. She also likes travelling having spent time living in Thailand.

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sam jones content marketing & freelance writer

Sam Jones

Content Marketing & Freelance Writer

Sam offers up his services as a content marketing and freelance writer, regularly contributing to ours and our clients blogs. As a writer and editor his deliverables are always above and beyond what is expected. Sam lives in South West England and spends his spare time renovating his house and tending to his goats.

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