15th of December 2016 by Alex Mungo
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Just as you're undoubtedly aware that Google has the most popular search engine and PPC platform, it's probably obvious to you that their subsidiary video megasite YouTube is unavoidable in the world of modern media. Any company or product that doesn't have a presence on YouTube is undoubtedly preventing itself from achieving maximum visibility online, and that's a universal truth that applies to all brands.

The number one reason why many businesses fail to start a YouTube channel is because they think there's no way for them to produce videos or content worthy of a YouTube video. That's a common misconception because there are no prerequisites and there are many ways to get involved, including but not limited to the following four methods:

1. Publishing Advertisements, Trailers, and other Promotional Content

If you ever have a walkthrough, product trailer, advertisement, or any other video content produced, it goes without saying that you should be publishing it on YouTube via your company channel. It's also possible to reach out to popular YouTubers and partner with them so that they'll post your video on their channel. In addition to YouTube, there are a number of other video sites that you can use to put your brand name in more places online.

2. Announcing Company News and Events

It might seem boring, but it will definitely make your brand more visible in the YouTube search results. Even if these videos don't directly result in conversions by convincing viewers to take action, they put your company on the radar enough to where it might be remembered later on when someone is looking for a solution in your niche.

3. Reaching Product Review Audiences

YouTube is a treasure trove of product reviews, and many of the channels that publish reviews regularly get millions of views. If you can convince a popular channel to do a review of your product or service, that's an invaluable form of word of mouth and indirect advertisement that will continue to generate organic leads passively for as long as the video remains on the site.

4. Engaging with Viewers in the Comments Section

You'd be surprised how many people actually scroll through the comments while watching videos. This avenue of communication provides a convenient opportunity for you to appear below any video that you can think of a relevant comment for. You don't necessarily have to take the spammy approach of saying “hey, click on my channel,” which could get your account banned. Instead, just having your company logo and name visible next to a perfectly legitimate comment is enough to make your brand more visible.

5. Tastefully Using YouTube as a Platform for Awareness Generation

In closing, it's very important that you don't approach YouTube marketing too aggressively and focus first on having something valuable to offer with all of your output. That doesn't even mean you need to have videos produced. For example, if all you have to offer is a comment below a video that is somehow related to your niche or product, at least make it a genuinely insightful comment. As long as you're following that train of thought you should have no problem promoting your brand both directly and indirectly without violating YouTube's TOS.

Alex Mungo Founder Of Go Mungo SEO
Alex Mungo

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