2nd of July 2013 by Alex Mungo
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If you have a website and you want people to notice it, you need to run a successful online marketing campaign. You also need to understand that successful online marketing is a persuasive process. Social media, for instance, is a powerful tool that helps online entrepreneurs connect with their target audience efficiently. That makes it easier.

However, despite the value of social media, some good things can’t be changed. One of those things is the power of persuasion in internet marketing to help attract an audience. If you give them a good enough user experience and convert them into happy clients, they will follow you. Therefore, the key in attracting a community and their conversion is persuasive internet marketing.

So the real question is, what do you need to know so that people will follow and believe in you?

You need to learn and re-learn the five big Cs of persuasive Internet marketing: Content, Character, Confidence, Concrete, and Check.

1. Content Rules

Often, you will hear that “Content is king.” Internet marketers have been confused so many times over for the ubiquitous “secrets” and “tips” that they get from the supposedly well-meaning bloggers and experts. In the end, they do not know anymore what to believe and what to follow.

One truth is, regardless of the numerous tools, techniques and strategies that you use to drive the traffic to your website, no conversion will happen when your site visitors can’t be engaged in your content. The content is the primary reason why users will come back for a revisit, but the first reason is really finding relevance in your content. You need to learn how to put relevance in your content, making it easy to read and understand. Use the right tone and language and you will be able to relate to your readers.

Of course, it helps if your website and web pages load fast, are usable, easy to navigate, easy on the eye, and attention grabbing. It helps if the total experience of the user is positive enough for them to want to come back repeatedly.

2. Character

Now that you have got the traffic, the next question is how do you convert your website visitors. If your site continues to attract an audience, these users will want to meet up with the one who owns the website. You need to show character; that means credibility, expertise, knowledge, and good personal skills.

Good content attracts people; the character of the site owner converts the users. Good products can make people buy, but a good product persuasively marketed by a salesperson with character captures loyalty.

3. Confidence

A man of character can easily wear confidence for everyone to see; that certainly helps attract more followers and converts them into customers. Nevertheless, if you want your followers to be loyal, you need to show them confidence. Character that is tested with adversities can only shine when dissatisfied and unhappy clients openly demand for answers and clarifications. This is certainly the decisive moment.

Use persuasive talking to get them convinced. This will not only underscore your character and confidence, this will also convert other listening people in social media and forums.

4. Concrete

Make those benefits and rewards you were talking about come alive and felt by your clients. Your converted traffic needs to feel the tangible benefits of a smooth user experience and therefore worth a repeat visit.

5. Check Move

By implementing these C's, you'll be well on your way to converting website visitors into loyal customers and ultimately growing your business..

If internet marketers can do this right, soon enough you will be reaping more Cs – Cash and Content Creation and Curation, not bad prospects indeed.

Alex Mungo Founder Of Go Mungo SEO
Alex Mungo

Founder of Go Mungo SEO Alex has a passion for SEO, enjoying sharing his knowledge and experience through his writing.

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