24th of August 2016 by Alex Mungo
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The primary goal in every marketing campaign is to reach out or become apparent to a large percentage of your targeted audience – the people or companies who will be likely to gravitate towards your brand's products or services. Historically, advertising agencies have used the distribution and display of billboard, TV, radio, newspaper, and PPC ads that are strategically placed and designed to catch the attention of passers-by, viewers, listeners, viewers, and readers. In recent years, the internet has changed the way many of us approach outreach, with blogs becoming much more authoritative social influencers than aforementioned old-school school techniques. Let's look closer at the three main reasons why blogger outreach and guest posting have become the two most effective ways to promote brand awareness:

There's No Avoiding the Power of Words

The key trait that all of these advertising methods have in common is that they're all grounded in written communication. Ultimately, it doesn't matter what kind of advertising you choose to utilise, somebody is going to be writing something to make it happen, whether it be a radio or TV script, or a few lines or words for a banner ad. Bloggers are some of the best wordsmiths out there, and they know how to convey a point to the reader casually and genuinely, leaving a less spammy impression than with other direct advertising methods.

It's All-Natural and Organic!

Mentioning a company, product, or service in a blog post is the most natural way to make the reader aware of your brand without directly implying that you're advertising anything at all. Research has shown that this is actually a more effective way to make someone remember and recall your brand or product name the next time they're thinking of solutions in that area. Plus, instead of feeling like your brand is an annoying distraction (as is the case with many other types of advertisements), you're actually serving a purpose for people who are searching for topics related to your niche, so it's targeted, organic search traffic – and everyone in the industry knows that's the best kind.

Bloggers Have Influence and Large Networks

Blogger outreach and guest posting are similar practices, with the latter involving publishing content as a guest author versus the alternative of reaching out to a chief blogger and having them write a review or informational post that mentions your brand.

Many blogs have multiple writers that have ongoing columns or inside access to posting, and these bloggers and editors are also worth reaching out to. These are people that are not only great writers and message deliverers, they're also highly influential and can almost guarantee that your brand name will be put in front of a lot of people in a positive and relevant context.

Playing the Numbers Game

Ultimately, spreading brand awareness is all about playing a massive numbers game. Most other advertising methods would cost a huge budget to try and compete with the other big names in your industry. With guest posting and blogger outreach you can use sheer creativity and a relatively small budget to have your brand mentioned all over the web as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Alex Mungo

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