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21st of June 2018
Local SEO vs International SEO: The Key Differences | Go Mungo SEO Blog

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is essential for any online venture because, without it, a business would be lost among the millions of websites that are live on the internet. However, SEO is a process that has become very deep and quite complicated with the development of the internet in general, and there’s not just a single type of search engine optimisation. Today, we are going to focus on understanding the key differences between local and international SEO, so that you can figure out which one you need the most right now.

The Primary Difference

At its core, the basics of local and international SEO are not that different from each other, but just as the name suggests, the difference lies in the target crowd and the range of your SEO efforts. Local search engine optimisation will let you focus and aim your efforts at the local market while going international will enable you to target markets globally. It is true that the internet, in general, has no geographical limitation, but SEO is definitely affected by regional factors.

Limited Vs. Wider Scope

Small businesses that would prefer to target a local customer base should opt for local SEO. It’s perfect when you don’t have enough capacity to serve a wider range of customers that international SEO might bring towards you. On the other hand, the bigger companies who have the necessary resources to serve customers across borders will always opt for international SEO because it opens the door to much bigger opportunities and possibilities.

The Difference in Keywords

When your SEO efforts are to be directed towards the target crowd in a very specific area, using the right keywords that are relevant to the target region is of utmost importance. Keywords related to the local language, contacts, state, city, locality, etc., are all important for a successful local SEO campaign. Of course, this limits the chances of widespread exposure, but that is a disadvantage that comes with sticking to local markets.

International SEO, on the other hand, is more complicated and multifaceted. In addition to working with general keywords that draw the attention of international target groups from all across the world, an international campaign may also include multiple local SEO strategies to cater specifically to each of the target regions.

Which One is Right for You?

By now, it should be clear whether you should invest in local or international SEO, but just in case it isn’t, there are a few more points to be discussed here. If you are a small business that’s expanding slowly, keep your SEO effort local for now, but do increase your range of services and keep incorporating the new locations into your keyword strategy, until you are big enough to go global. In fact, it is actually a good idea to invest a bit in global marketing and SEO even before you are truly ready to service international customers; by the time you are ready, your business will already be a known name in the field that just became available to international customers as well.

Author: Laura Ginn

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