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11th of September 2019
content marketing is still king in 2019

There are numerous angles you can investigate when looking at marketing your website to improve your search results. However, content marketing is still something that should not be overlooked. Providing relevant and useful content on blogs and sites is still something that Google et al. pay particular attention to when deciding on what site they want to rank. Below are a few reasons why content is still king in 2019.

Improving Your Online Presence Is Vital

If you are not providing good quality content on your website then the search engines won’t have anything relevant to rank of yours in the search results. You are therefore likely to suffer as a result of this as the search engines will direct any of your potential customers to those competitor sites who do have good quality content to crawl. It's also worth mentioning that writing content that is especially popular in your niche can help you rank well in the search results, and increase conversion rates.

To Engage Well With Potential Customers, Content Really Can Help

If you’ve got nothing to talk about it is incredibly difficult to engage with potential customers with irrelevant content. Writing insightful, and useful content that makes you an authority in your field means that any potential customers you have will return time and time again. Try to engage with your visitors as much as possible, and find our what they like/dislike about your content. This will improve their experience when they visit your website or blog and ultimately keep them coming back for more.

Growing The Profile Of Your Company

Writing good content can have other benefits besides simply targeting the search engines. With social media becoming increasingly popular nowadays, writing good content can help promote the social marketing channels too. Through social media your content marketing endeavours will help expose your brand and raise the profile of your company. This will ultimately lead onto building plenty of trust with your potential customers and help create those all too important relationships. It you don’t have solid marketing strategies in place in 2019, your competitors will gain the competitive advantage and will be the ones rewarded by the end of it.

When it comes to SEO, writing useful and engaging content on your website is still important. This is not only important for your audience but also the search engines and how you will rank in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). It also provides a useful platform to engage with your potential customers, and many others who you may not have considered as customers. Whilst all aspects of SEO are important, paying particular attention to providing the best content is still king in 2019.

Author: Laura Ginn

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